Re: Delay Routine: Fully-portable C89 if possible

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John Devereux wrote:
David Brown <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

First off, I don't use printf or friends very often (I write small
embedded systems). Secondly, if I *do* use printf (more likely
snprintf), I use gcc which will type-check the parameters against the
format so that any mistakes are caught - although with any variable
parameter function, you've lost much of C's already limited type
checking. Thirdly, I occasionally have to cast the parameters
explicitly so that I can be sure there are no mistakes.

Doesn't that imply a whole new set of things to worry about?

I would not say so, no.

I've come a cropper using gcc for ARM by passing an integer to a sprintf
that was expecting float. Caused my system to reset and took quite a
long time to find.