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There are some old-school embedded coders at my workplace who
mumble about how C++ is not really a real-time language and that
C is better for such applications. I can certainly understand not
using something with automatic garbage collection (you never know
for sure when everything will pause for the memory to be cleaned
up, as I understand it), but why avoid C++? Is there something
about the classes and templates that makes it unsuitable for
embedded software? What affects the decision to use a given
language for embedded coding? I'd be grateful to hear about
reasons for/against other languages besides C and C++.

First, realize that C++

[snip list of evil vendor-specific languages ...]

cannot do anything that C can't do, although it may
require some more programming, or libraries.

Can't ... resist ... flame ... bait ... :-)

Can C do templates/generics? Well ... I suppose you *could*
re-write the same code with different types every time you
needed to use the same algorithm.

In a similar way, you can also code your own
polymorphisms in C using structures and function pointers.
Certainly, the Linux kernel does.

I'm working on a gadget I call a wheel ;-)

Sorry ... I'm incurable :-)

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