Re: Booting Linux from CompactFlash on AT91SAM9260

jimthomasembedded@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Assuming I can come up with the hardware, how hard will it be to
develop the U-Boot and Linux driver support required to boot Linux 2.6
from CompactFlash on the AT91SAM9260?

That depends on your skills with embedded systems
and Linux device drivers. ;-)

Is this driver code already out there somewhere?

Once the hardware is there, it is a matter of configuring
pointing das u-boot to the appropriate memory locations
where the CF IDE registers and buffer space live for
boot purposes. You then config (script) u-boot to copy
the kernel into RAM and have it boot from the IDE
(a.k.a. CompactFlash) drive.

You will also need to do the magic within your Linux
kernel to point the IDE code to the same CF IDE

This is all pretty easy after its done ;-)

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