Re: Embedded systems publishers

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 18:14:27 +0000 (UTC), Matthew Hicks
<mdhicks2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's not justification it's reasoning. If companies would learn to understand
why people do things, they would know how better to get that same group of
people to do what they want (buy more product). Your attitude is one of

You attitude is that of a thief who still has a nagging conscience and
feels compelled to attempt justifying his thievery.

which will lead you to concentrate to much time an assests on
counteracting "thieves" and not enough time on pleasing customers. This
will, at the very least, limit your potential as a profitable business (much
more than the "thieves" did in the first place).

---Matthew Hicks

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 03:07:36 +0000 (UTC), Matthew Hicks
<mdhicks2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

As was said in this thread, people who download your books from P2P
networks wouldn't be buying them if they couldn't download them. The
people who download books are doing so because they don't have enough
money to trivialize the cost of a legal copy

Nonsense. They do it because they're thieves. This same argument has
been used for years to "justify" stealing software.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ