Re: Embedded Linux and PCI (over AT91?)

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On Dec 29, 12:07 am, Arlet Ottens <usene...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have you considered getting an ARM9 with integrated high speed USB ?

For instance: Hide quoted text -

Not this specific chip (which looks like it has a USB peripheral port
and not a host), but I did have a peek on Freescale's i.MX27/i.MX31
and TI's DaVinci (TMS320DM6446). They also have some added value
regarding video compression, and their price is high but OK. But while
these chips have official Linux support, they don't appear to have a
Linux community backing them up, which means using Linux without
Linux' main advantage.

Anyhow, this doesn't address the original issue of flexibility. Which
brings me to

On Dec 29, 12:37 am, cs_post...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Looking at your requirements, an embedded x86 platform probably is the
best choice. You can buy an entire micro laptop with usb2.0, 2g
internal storage, and display (Asus EeePC 2g) for the $300 we're
paying for an embedded blackfin module

The solution should still be a tiny card in another piece of
electronics, and pretty honestly I don't have much of a say in this
matter. All mini-PC solutions are out of the question. I may be able
to push a x86-based solution, in case it has a embedded-like feel, but
I haven't found any developmend board which doesn't scream "Computer",
both in spec and design.

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