Re: Opinions about AVR32 for Voice Recorder?

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This all seems like a win. Am I missing something? Does anyone have
a criticism of the AVR32, or a recommendation for a good alternative?
Yes; it's a sole-source core with little developer interest compared
to the more mainstream offerings. Anything you can get in an AVR32 you
can also get with a mainstream core like ARM or MIPS, and probably

Could you suggest a good resource that gives an overview of the
ARM core market? I'm having trouble finding a comparable ARM based mcu
with USB, 16 bit ADC/DAC, LCD, etc. I don't doubt it's out there
somewhere, but there are so many vendors and products that it's hard
to find your way.

Try analog devices. They usually do good ADC/DAC
Also ST Micros have a reputation for lots of IO on ARM parts.

That said..... almost any part (including MIPS) is going to be less popular than "ARM" per say. However you want an ARM core with a 16bit ADC/DAC so you will have to pick a single source implementation. That implementation may go away if it does not sell well. For example the Sharp ARM7 cores with the graphics controller. Though in that case NXP took over the parts.

The AVR32 is not likely to go away any time soon as Atmel have pinned a lot on it. Their other AVR's are very popular despite being single source. So I would say there is as much risk going with an Atmel AVR32 and any other chip implementation.

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