Re: advice for the right parts for a tiny device: data collection and transmission

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im using some hobby time to make a device which collects data from a
remote temperature sensor and then performs some rudimentary
corelation analysis and stores it on board (about 8-16MB) for
sometime. Later it will be transmitted using a class 3 Bluetooth
transmitter to my PDA.
Im clueless as to the best components out there. Im looking at each
to have a really small
size (of lesser than 5mmx8mm)in fact the smaller the better!, for
each of the components

The above is the conceptualization.
Ive searched around and found devices from microchip(http:// for the PIC processing chip, But the chips offered
are slightly bigger than what im aiming for. And looking at the
comments about PIC devices
on this usenet i would be happy to know of other microprocessors or
devices to do the data processing.

Any suggestions reg either suggestions or resources pointing me to an
1 microprocessor/pic chip ;
2 Btooth device and
3 storage chip (flash memory? )
would be a great help.


You may want to have a look at the AT45DB642D-CNU.
This is an 8 MByte dataflash memory with an SPI interface in an 8 pin

You should probably start with selecting your bluetooth,
since this will determine the needs for the controller.
Bluetooth stacks can be quite heavy, and for hobby use.
If you can get a good solution with internal stack
and a UART interface, you should be in business.

An alternative is a USB <-> Bluetooth Dongle.
(If you can get the protocol details)
Then you need to have a USB host on your device.
An AT90USB1287 should be able to run both a bluetooth
stack and USB host stack, but will be slightly larger than what you want.

The AVR USBKey has 16 MB of dataflash and could be a good prototype vehicle.

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Ulf Samuelsson
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