OEM Cellular Modems - Non-Internet - Models, Prices, Experiences ???

I'm looking for a relatively simple (and hopefully
inexpensive) OEM-style cellular modem that can work
in conjunction with a PIC-based remote data-acquisition

Data transmission speed doesn't have to be very
high at all, 2400 baud would be more than enough.
The data only needs to be sent maybe twice a day,
preferably by calling the cell-modem to wake up the
PIC device and initiate transmission.

I've looked into using 'smartphones', but the phone
companies always insist on selling you an expensive
internet-access subscription (that's where they
really make their money). Non-'smart' phones require
a Winders-based PC and drivers to serve as a modem.

Yea, a PIC can be linked through and/or operated by
one of those phones over USB or bluetooth, but the
whole thing is *serious* overkill. As I intend to
install twenty or thirty stations right off the bat,
internet-access rates would just *destroy* the budget.
I don't NEED an interactive web page at every site.

I've seen a few such modems on the net, but they
never list prices ... apparently they want to get
you on the phone for the big sales speil. I'd be
interested in hearing from anyone who's bought
and used these things - price, performance and
gotcha issues.

Something like Global-Datas 'StarPoint' or OEM
units are what I have in mind :


Any info helpful.