RS232 to RS485 conversion, RTS as control line.

Hi people,

I am using a MAX3221 IC to convert RS232 to TTL and MAX3465 full
duplex IC to convert TTL to RS485. Shorted TX+, RX+ and TX-, RX- for 2-
wire RS485 protocol.
RTS line is used for controlling enable of max3465. DE and ~RE are
given to TTL RTS.
But the RTS always remains high.. so for max3465 driver will be always
So how the receiver portion will work, because RTS doesn't go low.....
I am using none option in hyperterminal for flow control. How do i use
software control...???
To check using loopback...i am giving 2-wire rs485 o/p to another 2-
wire rs485 (+ to + and - to -) to rs232 converter. then looping back
rs232 tx-rx. will this work?
I am not getting loopback or any data.
Please let me know if you have any inputs.