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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 00:22:10 +0200, I said, "Pick a card, any card"
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Take a look at some of the important RFCs and how detailed they
are, and how important that technical detail is, and you will
understand that the literal meaning of the traditional label
"Request For Comment" no longer applies to them, after they have
become adopted. David is right as regards the RFC's for IP etc.

The remain REQUEST FOR COMMENT documents, not rules.

This reflects that usenet is an open community, not a police
state. The punishment for not obeying the rules is that you
don't belong to the community. If your ISP would ignore the
rules, you couldn't communicate with us.

Your punishment for not obeying the rules, has already been
applied, unbeknownst to you. The most valuable answers
you could got for your questions are not available, because
the most knowledgeable persons of this group have killfiled


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