Re: bootrom & coldfire - basic doubts

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rennie606 wrote:

 > Hi,
 >  I am a newbie to coldfire version processor's & serial flash. I have few
 > basic doubts which I want to share.


I am genuinely interested to learn how the use of 'doubt' in English as
used in India came to be a substitute for 'question'? No disrespect
intended. I see this frequently in newsgroup posts from India and have
never seen an explanation that discusses etymology, culture, teaching
or regional usage.  To a native of the U.S., 'doubt' connotes suspicion,
distrust or contesting a fact, 'question' connotes an inquiry of facts,
which is what your post is about.

Do you ever say "I have a few basic questions which I want to share?"
or is this usage uncommon?



The American Heritage Dictionary at
offers "3. A point about which one is uncertain or skeptical" as one
definition for "doubt", but most dictionaries seem to emphasize the
distrust aspect. You might find more at .