Re: Why?

rickman wrote:
I don't get it. What is the motivation to causing the newsgroups to
be flooded with these nonsense messages? Is this one of those things
where people do it because they can?

This periodic flood is making this group nearly worthless to me. It
is hard to find the threads in the midst of the debris and it can be
even harder to find valid messages withing a thread.

I assume there are no solutions to this, right? Or is there a way to
filter out the nonsense?

There's a parallel discussion going on over in s.e.b., where I posted
this earlier:

A lot of the groups are being bombarded by hundreds of sporged postings,
which makes it damned difficult to see the real traffic.

It seems, from the discussions I've seen, that many (most?) ISP-hosted
news servers just pipe their incoming feeds to their usenet trees
without any filtering and some (many? most?) commercial usenet
providers take more care with their product and *do* takes measures
to de-sporge the contents.

So depending on how you get the group, you may get several hundred
forged postings every day (or hour!) or you may not see any.

See for a discussion
of sporgery and a pointer to an app that can be installed as a local
news filter if one's current client's filtering could use some help.

Rich Webb Norfolk, VA