Re: Sending email with embedded device

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I am looking for some help with development of a consumer product. One
aspect of the project requires the embedded device to send and receive
an email using an internal dial-up modem.
Emails sent and received will contain jpeg images.

Can anyone recommend a good starting point for micro or chipset
tailored for such an application.


Hi !

With any Linux embedded platform you can

1- telnet 25 (for sending email)
2- telnet 110 (for email receiving)

putting it together in a small shell script is quite easy.

Hi !

While that works in theory, many mail servers drop connections from
senders that appear to be sending the SMTP commands keystroke-by-
keystroke (on the fairly valid assumption that it's not talking to a
"real" email program or server, and there's little likely good to come
from accepting mail from such a source).
Last year we have been delivering many custom boards (35-45) based on
ETRAX100LX and AT91RM9200 with an embedded app sending one mail every day
(cron - ash shell script). AFAIK no problems have been reported with
opening telnet session on a remote mail server.
Abviously this is not an absolute proof of concept, the right way is to
consider SMTP, POP and MIME RFC specs. May be these are already
implemented in a GPL library.
But once you have a TCP/IP stack and a connection, sending email is
pretty trivial.