Re: Chuck Falconer top posting again


.... The format I use is what is appropriate
for the thread, mixed questions and answers, top or more likely
a presentation at the bottom of the context.

good luck explaining the concept of brain usage to the posting
format netguard squad... :-)


Dimiter Popoff Transgalactic Instruments

Walter Banks wrote:
Guy Macon wrote:

Because of the disconnect between those results and what
CBFalconer wrote above, I expanded my search to the last
2000 posts. Surprisingly, I found two additional posts
that were high-quality, on-topic, bottom-posted and with
an appropriate amount of trimming.

They also contained a .sig mentioning Byte Craft. which
cause me to think "Oh, *that* Walter Banks!" Until I saw
the .sig I had not made the mental connection between the
valued participant I knew and the top-poster I was seeing
in the recent posts.

I am glad I searched 2000 posts rather than stopping at
1000 posts. What I thought was a typical top-poster with
low-quality posts turns out to be a bottom-poster with
high-quality posts who, for some unknown reason, responds
to discussions about posting styles by top-posting, not
using his usual .sig, and engaging in logical fallacies.

My guess is that he sees things like the following list
of URLs to be an attempt to control him rather than what
they were intended to be; a presentation of the reasoning
behind the request.

I would encourage Walter (encourage - a polite request)
to read the following URLs and examine the logical
arguments presented in them.


I have looked at most of the URL's you posted and googled
for the counter arguments pro and con as well.

As you have noted I post both ways. There is a argument for
top posting where a thread is a conversation and each post
has a small amount of technical content and the conversation
moves on. Top posting in this context means that the thread
is quickly read and context is carried from message to message.

There are many good technical threads here where each post
is a short paper. The format I use is what is appropriate
for the thread, mixed questions and answers, top or more likely
a presentation at the bottom of the context.

News readers present threads in context weakening the
argument requiring detailed context information. I don't
know of a news reader that will take me to the start of new
content in each message effectively eliminating the argument
either way of top vs bottom.

I have been surprised at the lack of comments asking for
changes to subject lines to reflect the changes in topic in thread.


Walter Banks
Byte Craft Limited
Tel. (519) 888-6911

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