Re: Microcontroller with QVGA or VGA LCD controller

Ulf Samuelsson wrote:
That's all true enough, and is certainly one way to go. We are leaning
towards the Epson controllers at the moment, however - then we can use a
microcontroller with which we are familiar (a ColdFire v2, probably).
Even simplified, using an AT91SAM9 means a fair amount of learning.
Plan for a redesign in 2-3 years.

Is this because you know (or can make reliable guesses) something about
the Epson parts?

I hear this from customers, (and Epson distributors)
They do not expect the parts to have very long lifetime.

If you choose such a part, you should probably
discuss with the local Epson vendor, to find out
if they know if some parts are expected to have
longer lifetime than others.

Anyone else there that could validate/reject this?

Reject: we've been using the same Epson LCD controller for 8 years w/ no EOL problem. It was called the SED1352 when we spec'ed it in - Epson changed their numbering scheme a few years back so it has a new part number - same part.

The EOL that hurt us on that product was by Sharp - I will never spec a Sharp LCD again. 3M (touchscreen) was another turd. We try to use smaller, embedded-only suppliers, now. They know which side their bread is buttered on.