Re: FPGA vs. ARM MCU for floating point operations

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Ulf Samuelsson wrote:

Hi Ulf - unfortunately, none of the solutions you mentioned has CAN.

"There is an ARM9 + 1 Gflops floating point DSP coming,..."

This one has two CAN controllers...
No open source compiler for the DSP though

What package, and Memory ?


It is BGA, but the development board will be in the form
of a CPU Module, (70 x 80 mm) with 16 MB NOR Flash
256 MB NAND Flash and 64 MB SDRAM and a PHY.
There will be 3 x 120 pin FCI Bergstak connectors on the module.
There is also a baseboard with normal connectors.

This means that anyone can use the part, even if they do not like BGA.

I have a module, but there are not a lot around at this time.
Runs U-Boot & Linux.

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