Re: Easy Question about USB Hardware Design

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But, if you only use one device at a time, this should be ok, right?

I do wish you wouldn't ask questions in "assertion","right?" form -
it comes
across to us Brits as rather agressive - it's a culture thing and I'm
you don't mean it.

I'm OT here, but that's a fascinating fact. "Assertion","right?" is
certainly a common idiom in America, and I doubt anybody here (USA)
gives it a second thought (as you acknowledge). Anyway, thanks for
pointing something out that I never would have guessed.

As another Brit, I'd agree with Michael - the "assertion", "right?"
idiom sounds like the poster is confident that he is correct, and is
challenging others to prove him wrong. I'd take it as an indication
that the questioner has a bad attitude (unless it really is something he
can be confident about) - he's looking for confirmation of his fixed
ideas, not help and advice. Of course, it depends on the rest of the
context of the post.

The assertion of "right?", is an Americans _lack_ of confidence that is

American TV has used this as a question of our lack of confidence that
has made its way into everyday use.

Go figure.


Thanks for clarifying this to the Brits, Don.

Asking "Right?" at the end certainly means you are not
really sure yourself. And I'm most certainly not.

But people usually see bits of themselves when they judge
others on a few words.