Re: Using Makefile rather than GreenHills (GHS) Multi .GPJ files

On Apr 3, 2:48 pm, Hans-Bernhard Bröker <HBBroe...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
zzmcc...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Anyone using Make rather than gbuild/Multi?  If so, have any advise
concerning doing this?

 From second-hand experience I can say Green Hills' compilers don't need
any special treatment by Makefiles.  I.e. if you know your way around
Make, there's nothing special to learn about using it with GHS.  GHS
even exports dependency information in a suitable format.

The trickiest aspect may be the selection of a Make tool that works well
in a MS Windows surrounding, where people habitually don't care about
letter case in filenames.  Cygwin's port of GNU make is the usual
choice, but for this application it may not be the optimal one.

What was really meant by this is that using opus make, there is no
problem in MS Windows env. However there is a considerable backlog of
the use of .gpj files (formally .bld files) that are used. This not
proving to be extensible like make, where lint and other tools have to
be inserted into the build process. Is there a way to convert .gpj
files for use w/ make or otherwise have .gpj files support insertion
of other tools in the processing of source files?