Re: Cheapest object sensor on the market!

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MSP430F20xx, which is very cheap in large quantity - well
price target.
Probably not. The OP wants $1 total BOM. Lets figure 0.25 for
0.25 for LCD, 0.40 for LCD controller. The uC needs to be less
No, you can drive the glass directly from the MSP430.
The cheap one does not have integrated charge pump.
If you rely on constant 3V supply from a button cell, it will
only a couple of hours. LCD would be unreadable below 2.5V.
can run for a few days, as low as 1.8V, but not for under a
So 0.25 for PCB,
0.25 for LCD leaves 0.50 for the micro. Definitely achievable in
I got confused!

.25 for PCB
.25 for LCD
.50 for Micro
?? Batteries !!

The sensor, is this going to detect with out a sensor module and
about the coin batteries! i need to run for at least 30 hours.

Using uC and PIR (Infra-Red heat sensor).

.20 for Battery (CR2032).

Here is a picture of an LCD in direct sunlight. The CR3032 will
about 100 hours.

Interesting LCD display, where do you get it ?


Is the $0.25 for the screen shown above? How can i demand this kind of
brightness when i order one? does it have specifications?

We got them for 60 cents in 10Ku. Might be possible for less in
100Ku. It's passive reflective LCD for direct sun-light viewings.

How about using solar thick-film batteries like the ones they use on
calculators to prolong the life of the battery. would this be a
option understanding that will only be used when there is lights.

The solar cell would not be cheap, around 50 cents perhaps.


But would it handle the voltage and supply a good brightness to the LCD to
for a readable under a bright large rooms during day time. If so, this will
help me on having a thinner product.