Re: Cheapest object sensor on the market!

raedarrar wrote:
On Apr 6, 2:38 pm, "raedarrar" <i...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
You are not telling us what to do with the hand wavings. If you
using it to turn on the device, false triggers (room lighting
might not matter. If you are using it to count votes, then it does
Every time the device detects object in this case hands or fingers,
it to count votes as long as its on. any advice?
More questions:
1. Is the device fixed or movable?
2. Can it use motion sensors?
3. How many digits of countings?

$3 to $5 would be doable. $1 is wishful thinking.

1. Will be fixed.
2. Yes. this what i am looking for.
3. max. 9 votes counts, so its a 1 digit LCD.

I already have a solution that will go for &1.80 but i need a $1
price as it will be a disposable item for a life span of 30 to 50 hours

The main question would be: $1 at what quantity per month? I assume you
mean parts cost without PCB but with SMT assembly (in China).

Regards, Joerg

100,000 for 1st. order, see the estimated break down;

0.25 for PCB with assembly in china most probably.
0.25 for LCD
0.50 for Micro
0.25 Coin Batteries or Solar cell.

Now the challenge is to find a solution for $0.80. I need some one to
simplify the idea as its a disposable item.

They have mentioned "down below" to drive the glass directly from the
MSP430 in order not to use a sensor module to cut down the cost!!

do you have another option?