Re: What is your favorite PCB software?

On Apr 11, 3:05 pm, Jon <a...@xxx> wrote:
On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 09:19:52 -0500, "Joel" <joelben...@xxxxxxxxx>

Just curious about what everyone uses. I've been using Orcad PCB editor.

I've been using Eagle for more than 5 years now. A little tricky to
use it. You don't select an object, and then choose what to do with
it. You first select what you want to do, and then you select objects
to apply that action to. That is a little odd at the beginning, but
once you get used to it, you work faster.

Copy&Paste and Cut&Paste are somewhat odd. Cadsoft should improve

The C scripting language that it includes is very powerful. For
instance, if you need to place pads for LEDs, tracks, etc, with
circular symmetry (every 22.5º, for instance), you can easily program
that. By hand, it would by a hell, not to say impossible.


I tried Eagle and the oddities of the UI were rather tricky to
initially learn. Then I came back to it 6 months later and they were
just as tricky to learn the second time! If you don't use a program
very often, it is pointless to try to use such an odd bird as Eagle
(so to speak). There are much better alternatives.

As to the scripting, I have thought scripting could be useful, but I
have yet to find a real need for it. Your example can easily be done
by using a simple spread sheet table to calculate the coordinates for
the 16 LEDs and copying them to the parts. At least you can do this
in FreePCB since it lets you directly enter the coordinates if you

That does give me an idea for a suggestion to the author of FreePCB.
I don't know that a scripting capability is needed, but a hierarchical
capability might be. That would let you combine say, four LEDs in an
arc to be placed four times to form your circle. To be maximally
useful, it should also include traces.