Re: Bug in latest IAR MSP430 compiler optimization???

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>I haven't yet groveled through the assembly output to see exactly what
>the difference between the two output flavors is. But this is such an
>astoundingly show-stopping bug I'm appalled it escaped.

What did IAR support say about it when you told them?

Kickstart has no support.

Of course not it is a FREE size limited eval version. However that does not mean you can't report bugs to the support team. Why wouldn't you?

Of course, last time I was working with a
bought version of their compiler, and found a [different] bug, the
answer was "buy the latest upgrade".

Because you had a very old version (IAR compilers have 12 months support) and they had fixed the bug in a later version. It would only be "buy" a new version if you were out of support. Which you would be or you would have got the update for free.

You do like trying to make mountains out of molehills.

If you find a bug in ANY compiler (not just IAR) that is fixed in a newer version they tell you to get the latest version. If you are on support it is usually free. You only have to pay if it is a very old version.

However if you want to use an old version that is your look out.

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