Re: Simple Clockable Decoder Chip

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No, if you do it right only one pin is needed to clock the pair of

Yes but you need to get a 1 onto it somehow. You can use an RC to do
this, but it's messy. I used an RC in my final project board for
college, but I won't be doing it again.

However, with either this scheme or the binary counter and decoder you
you may find you need a reset or an input back to the uC to
synchronize the software with the display ;-)

People advised me about this. They said stuff like "if a bit of noise
gets onto...". The way I see it though, if I can't rely on electronics
then there's no point in me even trying to get things to work.

I've left my current board on overnight for three nights in a row and
it was still synchronised.

Actually do you know what, I think I'm better off starting another
thread about this.