Re: Had an interview

CBFalconer wrote:

Nils wrote:
tims next home schrieb:

x = "\00\02\01"[x];

You are insufficiently depraved.
x = x["0\02\01"];
works, and is perfectly valid C.

Not when working on my team, it isn't:-)

How about x = 4>>x

After seeing the weird solutions I have decided that I AM
insufficiently depraved. These ridiculous solutions just never
occur to me. Am I missing something in the humour line?

ISA's have changed over the years. I was amazed at
algorithmic opportunities that came with the first
barrel shifter where shift by 1 and shift by x took the
same execution time.

Partially microcoded instruction sets that allow different
operations on different execution cycles in a pipelined
processor may be a nightmare to code but it only has
to be right once.


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