Re: code optimiation

On May 11, 4:56 pm, Chris H <ch...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Never mind the portability. What about efficiency?  Code that will run
well on a 32bit system is not likely to run well on an 8 bit system. You
would have to re-write it to work well with the smaller system.

Again with the blind, sweeping statements. I find it incredibly easy
to accomodate both microcontrollers and PC's when writing fully-
portable code.

The poster is being very over simplistic I think.  Also pure ISO C will
not be completely portable across 8-32 bit systems (efficiently if at
all) without a lot of thought.

It's been done. There are some quirks when it comes to some
microcontroller compilers, e.g. the placement of auto variables on a
stack, but good microcontroller compilers have a small finite list of
ways in which the flout the Standard.