Re: Any recommendations for audio player microcontrollers?

Op Sat, 31 May 2008 21:08:04 +0200 schreef Hoi Wong <wonghoi@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Thanks for your inputs. The device that I'm building is a small portable device (wrist-watch, belt, whatever) that gives out sound effects (each 1~5 seconds, and a total of 8~256 clips) on user command. For sound quality, I might need it to be better than telephone because many sound effects will
lose its thrill if they are too distorted.

Quality is also greatly influenced by the audio equipment.

200ms delay between command and playing will be unacceptable, that's why I was worried about the overhead time to read from file systems on SD cards.

To reduce response time, you could store the first part of (a portion of) the samples in a faster medium (like RAM).

Do you have any good cheap microcontroller (I don't need a lot of
features) that's small, low power, and have fast access to like 4M memory?

Define cheap, small, low and fast.

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