Re: ST Microelectronics STM8 Programmer?

Havent used this with the STM8 myself yet, but I have always found this to be a decent tool:

I work on ST support for a disty, so will have a look over the next week...


"David T. Ashley" <dta@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:U-mdnQqFHb4xJtvVnZ2dnUVZ_h_inZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We are contemplating using the STM8 for a high-volume automotive application.

We haven't been able to find a good end-of-line programming solution. We typically program our microcontrollers after the circuit boards are fully assembled.

For the Freescale parts, we've been using, we had good luck with P&E Micro's Cyclone Pro:

But we haven't found a good SWIM programmer for the STM8.

I welcome all ideas.

Thanks a lot.

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