Re: Any recommendations for audio player microcontrollers?

On Jun 8, 12:08 pm, "Martin Davey" <m...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Hoi,

I have worked on a few audio reference designs over the past few years with
my company.

We have an ST7 based WAV file player, but it uses external M25Pxx memory to
hold the data. Works up to 32kHz. Low cost option, and sounds quite good.
Have also written some PC WAV file converter and ROM builder software to

Microchip have an ADPCM solution (free if you use their devices).

If you want to go for higher quality, less memory storage then I have an
STR9 based MP3 player based on Helix MP3 routines, and EFSL filesystem

Am working on ogg vobis now. Although CPU is struggling, need to add
FreeRTOS and do some optimizing...

Let me know if you want schematics / code, and I will send...



"Hoi Wong" <wong...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


I'm trying to build a small device that instantly plays one of many short
audio clips stored in memory on user's command.

Does anybody know any easy to program microcontroller that integrates all
the needs below?

1. GPIO (8 pins will be enough)
2. Built in memory (external is OK as long as it's easy to hook up)
3. Directly drives small loudspeakers (0.5W).

The audio quality doesn't have to be good. 22kHz audio will be more than


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