Re: (Slightly OT) Get a cake made to look like a product?

On Jun 13, 12:49 pm, Grant Edwards <gra...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

product - printed with the actual box artwork on five sides. It's a
simple rectangular box. But I can't seem to find anyone who will make

IIRC, there is a way to print an image onto a piece of "paper"
that is then layed onto the cake.  The "paper" then dissoves
into the frosting somehow.  I don't know if you need a special
printer/inks to do that or if it's something you can do at

It depends very much on whether you want to eat it, or just watch
other people eat it :)

There are basically two "print to cake" technologies. The one you've
described uses basically an inkjet printer with edible FDA-approved
food coloring [your average $30 printer does NOT use such dyes, btw]
to print onto something that is basically rice paper; drop it on moist
frosting and the paper essentially vanishes, leaving the ink "printed"
onto the frosting.

The other technology is a larger, industrial technology which prints
directly onto a fully-assembled cake (but again it's basically a big
inkjet printer - the difference being no intermediate soluble print

My problem with both of these is that the vendors are set up to print
a single picture on top of a cake; they're not set up to make sure
that the scale of the picture (if, say, a side piece) is preserved, to
match up with a separate print job (top piece)

Mr. Klosowski in this thread gave a suggestion that I think is little
short of brilliant, for solving the scale problem. However I'm working
on the culinary school angle right now. Looks smart.

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