Re: How workable is Vista?

Op Thu, 19 Jun 2008 10:40:42 +0200 schreef The Real Andy <therealandy@xxxxxxxxxx>:
On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 17:53:29 -0700 (PDT), rickman <gnuarm@xxxxxxxxx>

I have been looking to buy a new computer for a bit and I had just
about decided on a Windows XP based system from Dell. Today I called
them and found that not only are they not going to sell XP machines
after tomorrow, but the orders are flooding in! It seems pretty crazy
to me that if XP is still that popular, they would stop selling it.
Is this something mandated by MicroSoft?

So the question is, is Vista ready for prime time? I have heard
nothing but bad about it and I know that a lot of software vendors
have yet to support it... at least the last time I looked. Are the
rumors true of Vista being a PITA or just plain incompatible? Is it
time to switch to Linux?

What experiences have people had with Vista?

OK, many myths in this thread. Vista is fine so long as you dont have
software that directly addresses hardware.

Like device drivers, that have to be signed by MS?

It will run fine on 1gb of
memory. There is no performance loss, in fact there are increases in
certain areas. It does index everything which can slow down file
operations occasionaly, but this can be disabled. I have been using
Vista since it was released and I am yet to have any problems. I did
upgrade my memory at one stage, but this was only so I could run
several instances of virtual pc, as you would also have to do with xp

If you are an engineer and you want to fiddle with everything and run
outdated software, then Vista is a no go. If you want something that
works out of the box on a new pc then vista is fantastic. IF you want
to install vista on old hardware, then I would probably give it a

If you need more expensive and power-hungry hardware to be able to perform mostly the same tasks, then I cannot possibly consider it an "upgrade". And if you really need eye-candy to prevent you from becoming depressed, then there are IMHO better ways to spend your money.

So how can you say that Vista is fine?

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