Re: developing Application software for a host to communicate with a USB device

Tom�s � h�ilidhe wrote:
This all depends on what kind of USB device you're using. There are

1. Mass storage device
2. Standard HID device (mouse, keyboard, joystick)
3. Custom HID device
4. Audio device
5. Virtual serial port
6. Custom device type
7. Many other types like printers, scanners, cameras, etc.

Is there any cross-platform library for USB communication?

In general, USB devices are intended to be accessed
using the same operating system features as non-usb
devices of the same type.

For example:

- Mass storage devices are accessed just like any
other "disk drive" using file i/o.

- Serial port devices are intended to be used just
like any COM or /dev/tty type device.

- HID devices are used by the system to support
mouse, keyboard and similar types of human input

The need to access lower level USB explicit functions
is usually reserved for those writing device drivers
for custom devices.

Linux has support for user-space access to certain
parts of the USB sub-system (libusb).

However, most USB class/interface/device drivers
execute within the operating system kernel.

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Mine is a Custom type device
Then i think i need to look into the device driver documentation.

Thanks all for your valuable advice