Re: How workable is Vista?

Guy Macon wrote:
Boudewijn Dijkstra wrote:

If you need more expensive and power-hungry hardware to be able
to perform mostly the same tasks, then I cannot possibly consider
it an "upgrade". And if you really need eye-candy to prevent you
from becoming depressed, then there are IMHO better ways to spend
your money.

So you are saying it's *not* a good plan to replace a two dollar
deck of playing cards with a multi-thousand dollar PC running
Solitaire? What a concept! :)

Are you trying to destroy the economy? The PC requires men working
extensive hours preparing the solitaire software. In turn, they
require other PCs, and much compilation and linking software, which
provide employment to system programmers, who also require PCs.
Then there is the whole replacement market, handling such things as
memory, disk drives, etc. The whole system is feeding people all
over the world. Not to mention the MicroSnerdians.

By contrast, the deck of cards requires little more than a man with
an axe in the woods.

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