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Microsoft has even extended their reach for wasting resources
to the Internet by making it difficult to do email in a simple
text form. You now get email with embedded HTML so that the
messages are at least 4 times larger than necessary. There
goes the Internet bandwidth.

The topper was a Word file I got from a client recently. About
a dozen pages. 15 megabytes!

At that size I daresay it included some editing, and you could
reverse that at will. If so, I can think of ways to discourage
them from such practices.

Don't know. I stored my copy back as PDF which got it down to
around 10MB. Still a lot, but less. Now I can't edit it anymore
but I am not supposed to anyhow.

How can I reverse anything on the *.doc file to make it smaller?

I believe you can do the reversal, but it won't make it smaller!
However, IF IRC there is an option somewhere that allows you to
discard the retained previous states when saving. Using it makes
saving a longer process - whee. I virtually never use word (I
stick to text files to all purposes) so I don't really know.

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