Re: OT: Buzzing on iMac Driven by APC UPS

"Andrew Smallshaw" <andrews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:slrng99lu1.puo.andrews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As for how likely it is to cause problems, who can say? I have a
hunch it will be fine - if the system appears to work fine on
batteries then personally I wouldn't be overly concerned about it
- it is not as if it is going to be running like that for extended
periods after all.

Thanks for the info.

That would be my guess/hunch as well.

So far I think the machine is not too shabby. It is a single unit (no separate monitor), and so far, aside for problems with Norton 360, it seems fine (Norton AntiVirus is fine on it, just not Norton 360). I have it set up dual boot for Windows and the Mac OS.

I like the general lack of unnecessary wires.

For general entertainment, here is a video of me pressing the power switch for the first time: