Re: eee pc? no eee box!

"rickman" <gnuarm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I don't get what you are freaking out about. Yes, they come in
different sizes, but you can buy what you want and what will work.

And now try to envision that you are running a company and your customers
orders 250 of your system that takes a USB stick.
What do you prefer to do? Get out of your office, spending two days visiting
about every retailer in your area trying to get 250 sticks that fit into
your appliance or spend 10 minutes preparing a PO and simply fax it to your
trusted supplier to order 250 CF cards that fit?

That is what professionals are freaking about.....

I have no idea what you are picturing. I am seeing a device on a
piece of metal with a strap across it holding it flat. I guess you
are picturing a typical PC with the USB device sticking out like a
diving board. Again, if you want to imagine something that won't
work, then it won't work. The original point was that the makers of
this small PC could have built in a space (much smaller than a CF
card) that would accept a USB stick or an SD card and hold it
securely. It is getting pretty silly to say this can't work.

If you design for production, you appreciate what standardisation does for
you. And USB sticks don't fit that world...
CF OTOH (and SD) do.