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andersod2 wrote:
The schematic shows a programmer port on there, so you might not need
an eval board to do the programming...may just be able to plug the
cable in and program the code right into it...PIC should have a lot of
different tools you can download for compiling and programming it
yourself...I would look for a PIC developers site that is for
beginners which should exists somewhere I'm guessing given the
popularity of PICs. With the right compiler (which I'm guessing there
is a free version of) and programmer (also should be a free one), you
could do it yourself without much trouble I have to believe. I only
know AVR's which is basically the equivalent, and it has all the above
mentioned tools for free. And there is a lot of support on specifically for that, so I gotta believe someone could
help you do this easily from a PIC equivalent site.

The cheapest way to get a PIC programmer is to get one of the paraller-port ones -- but that requires a compatible parallel port.

Eval boards have programmers built in, which is what motivated that suggestion. The ones you get from Microchip are very very nice, and cost lots of $$.

There's gotta be a usable, cheap USB/PIC programmer out there, though.

Its called the ICD2. Can debug or program PICs.

Eh. Those are cheaper than I thought. Still not hobbyist cheap, but pretty darn close.

Check out and look at the PicKit II. I think it is about $35 USD. USB pic programmer for almost the entire range of pics. You can get MPLAB there as well which is the programming IDE.