How do i interface with the processor and acheive 10 Mbps?

I found that many RS485 transceivers can transmit data at the rate of
10 Mbps.
My application requires that speed to communicate for a short distance
(2 feet or 0.5 metres or so).

Processors have UART which can transmit at 115kbps and not more.
How do i acheive 10Mbps when the normal 32 bit processors could
transmit at only 115kbps?

I found one application note "AN3884-how fast can u go with
RS485.pdf". (at MAXIM site)
But the application note does not address this issue.

How do i interface with the processor and acheive 10 Mbps? (since they
do not have a 10Mbps capable UART)

thanks and best regards,

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