Looking for a bit of guidance

Hia, first time poster, long time fan of this site and its multiple links
to all things useful :)

Anyway, Ive been handed a project around the MPC5604P processor from
Freescale, with no documentation on it to speak of (in-fact it took me
about a week to derive the Freescale part number from its ST roots).

I ended up getting the reference manual and data sheet, as well as a
debugger and what I think is the flasher in addition to getting my hands on
the Cosmic compiler (seems like its the only one that supports the VLE type
instruction set).

Anyway, to the point of my post, I've never dealt with a PPC processor let
alone one of this calibur, most of my dealings have been with smaller 8bit
PICs and the HC11; so naturally I have a few questions.

Is there anything specifically that I need in order to run code on this
other than just flashing the s record file to the processor (I think the
Cosomic compiler comes with a sample program that runs on the XPC56xxx eval
board which I'm getting my hands on soon)? I specifically mean any boot
files that I need to load in order to start the processor up, or will the
compiler do that for me?

In addition, is there any documentation anyone knows of on how to utilize
the FlexPWM utility on it or the interrupt vectors on it, also possibly a
library thats available for the FlexPWM or CAN or even the ADC?

I know these are kind of vague but I appreciate you guys even reading it,
and look forward to your responses.