Re: arm7 core with fast monolithic 12-bit ADC

rickman <gnuarm@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


Yeah, that is what I am thinking. I guess you started out asking for
practical advice and this turned into a discussion of theory. The
best answer I can give is the ADI ARM7 microverter parts. They have
the best ADC/DAC in an ARM MCU that I am aware of. I think someone
else already mentioned these parts. They are only so-so in the MCU
department, at least in terms of speed. But speed is not always what
a design is about.

I get the impression that they took a pretty good ADC (+ good DACs),
and managed to get a mediocre ARM onto the same die.

Whereas the other manufacturers have higher performance ARMs, with
better peripherals - except for their mediocre ADCs.

You can see an older comparison chart of some ARM7 devices at, go to Resources and scroll down to "ARM device
comparison chart". It is getting rather long in the tooth now,
especially with all the CM3 chips coming out. I would love to see ADI
come out with a CM3 microverter clocking at 80 MHz from Flash and
their 12 bit converters.



John Devereux