Re: Embedded systems that can run Doom

Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
I'd like to build a small (and not too expensive) embedded system
capable of running Doom.
I've heard of people being able to run Doom on an Atmel AT32AP7000.
However the components needed to build such a system still seem a bit
large to me. And the processor alone is at over 18€ at digikey, memory
would add to the cost.
Any ideas?

I've run it on a STK1000 with the AVR32 AP7000 (I didn't have a keyboard attached, so I didn't get past the startup demo sequence). But the STK1000 is perhaps out of your budget? It's also got far too little memory - a mere 8 MB ram, which is not a lot when you need a frame buffer display as well. I had to use a nbdevice swap file to get anything much running on the card (although it's kind of cool that you can actually do that sort of thing on the device).