Re: Embedded systems that can run Doom

( about 1 minute into the video. )

zwsdotcom@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Feb 28, 9:49 am, Philipp Klaus Krause <p...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The goal is using, however the laptop would be too big. Ideally it
should fit into 5 cm x 6 cm x 1 cm or not much more.

I should think a PDA would fit the bill then. The original Doom ran
happily on unaccelerated framebuffer hardware with an i486DX2/50.

If you're really really into hacking, there are a bunch of dirt cheap
Chinese MP3/video/NES-emulator type devices with an ARM7 core (in a
Sunplus ASSP) that can be coerced into doing what you want (google
"pmp .bin development") to learn how to build native executables for
them). For example I have several of these lying around: <http://>. Battery lasts about 90
minutes of active screen time.