Looking for 2-wire to 100mil header cable

I'm looking for a source of the type of cables you find connecting
front panel LEDs to motherboards in PCs. These are two pieces of
stranded wire running to a crimped 2-pin, 100mil female connector that
slides onto 100mil header on the PCB. About 6" wire length would be
ideal, but I can make shorter or longer solutions work.

I have to think this is a stocked part, surely everyone doesn't buy
the crimp tool and make their own?

I see extension cables readily available, but the prices are a bit
insane - $2.99 - especially since I'm throwing away half... <http://

Failing that, any other good, inexpensive wire-to-board connection
ideas for putting motors and sensors into a solderless robot kit? I'll
only be making small quantities - 30 or 40 at a time.

(Terminal blocks are a bit complicated. I can find rather overpriced
5.08mm spaced TB's but they make the PCB unreasonably large. I can
find reasonably priced 2.54mm TB's but single source, and I don't know
if they'll vanish tomorrow).