Re: Looking for 2-wire to 100mil header cable

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Well, I'm a bit nervous about buying a $200 crimp tool+die, since the

Items from

100812 CONNECTOR,.1",1RW,2PIN HSG 10 .23
157383 CONNECTOR,.1",1RW,3PIN HSG 1 .27

I've got one that looks very much like this, and I've used it to make some
sub-D pin connections. The catch is that what you don't pay the
manufacturer for detail and precision you put in yourself in care and
attention; e.g. making sure that everything is lined up before you make the
final crunch. Sometimes it seems like it takes 3 hands.

For very low volume and occasional use, the price is right and it does work.

I'd be interested in a ratchet tool with more detailed dies for $60 or $70.

Pro'sKit/Eclipse have some reasonable crimpers for reasonable prices.
The $40-$70 range includes a nice ratchet frame with an interchangeable
die. You don't get (or pay for) the nice to have extras like wire
holders and stops, so there is still a need to eyeball how far in one
has shoved the insulation.

For the D-subs, there's also the YAC4 tool from Philmore-Datak that's
similar to the Eclipse 300-009 (might take the same die?) except that
the YAC4 has a tension adjust and the 300-009's "Solar" frame does not.
(Their "Lunar" frames do have the adjuster.)

For some reason I like to browse at Stark for hand tools -- must be that
their old school HTML layout looks more sincere. ;-)

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