Re: Tiered Firmware Features

eeboy wrote:
I posted this earlier, but I believe it may have been discarded due
to the subject heading. Several key words in it could have confused
an automated script to discard it as junk. Crossing my fingers that I
don't double post here...

I am developing a widget. Management wants me to structure the
firmware in such a way that the widget has a few tiers of
functionality. The functionality is all enabled in firmware. So for
example a user may purchase the base unit and then decide at a later
date to upgrade to a second or third tier of functionality. The idea
is to provide a unique key to unlock the features.

I have the idea to relate the key to the serial number of the widget.
This takes care of the unique aspect preventing the key from being
applied to other widgets that have not been upgraded. So, the user
enters the key and it's hashed against the serial number to produce a
bit field which indicates what features are to be enabled.

Any suggestions as to an alternate approach? Or perhaps a robust
method to produce the desired result from a key and device serial

Your post certainly made it through this time. Your concept sounds good,
but I don't have any better solutions for you.