Re: USB embedded host. need help

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I am currently working on a embedded host for USB thumb drives using
starter kit. Unfortunately, the embedded host does not support USB
hubs. I
am planning to transfer files between multiple thumb drives. Can anyone
help me or give suggestions.

Get a copy of Jan Axelson's "USB Complete" and read that. Unless
Microchip have provided a reasonably full implementation of a USB host
you have a fair amount of work ahead of you: USB host driver, HUB
driver, MSC host side driver, SCSI driver, FAT/NTFS driver. A HUB
driver need not be particularly complicated but a full USB host is quite
a lot of work ...

Are you doing this commercially, if so consider one of the embedded host


Thanks for the reply.
I just got USB Complete. 1 more question. I am planning to utilize 4 usb
slots. However, PIC32 has only 1 USB slot. Can I just tap the 3 slots in
the bus? or their is better solution?

Is that not what the hub is for?


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