Re: MSP430 info memory vs Rowley

larwe wrote:
I'm trying to locate a structure in MSP430 info memory using Rowley
CrossWorks (a preinitialized structure, so it appears in the .txt
file). Is there a pragma or other directive similar to IAR's that will
directly place my structure in info memory without having to play with
custom segment names and special linker control info? ISTR having done
this in the past but cannot remember how to do it.


Assume by txt that you mean the code segment ?. If you just want the data to appear in the code section, you don't need any special keywords or pragmas. At least, not on any compiler i've used. For example, if you define a structure as:

typedef struct {
U8 u8Length;
U8 *pu8String;

Then, an instance such as:

const STRING_DATA = {
} sStringDataExample;

Should appear in the code section at link time. I often use defined structures like this for menu trees and other data. The only minor problem is when structures point to others and you then need to define them in reverse order to avoid whinges from the compiler about unresolved references.

Anyway, it only takes a few minutes to hack around with this on a test module to see what's what...