Re: What coding standard are you using for C?

On Nov 5, 6:02 pm, ChrisQ <m...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The first thing is to find a good 132 column editor with rectangular cut
and paste and with tabs set to 4 or so spaces. I know that sounds a bit
oblique, but you need to be able to keep a view of the big picture at
all times and weedy ide or even 80 col editors can make this hard work.
How often are the comments and code all over the place in indent terms,
because some team members use tab stops and others use spaces ?.

They are all over the place because people insist on redefining the
TAB character, supported by misguided editors. TAB stops are every 8
characters. Indent by 4 or 2 spaces, or whatever you want, but TABs
are equivalent to 8 spaces.

There's more, but have probably said enough already to get well flamed,
so will stop now :-)...