Re: Embedded XINU

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010 23:42:43 -0800 (PST), Vita
<mares.vit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

is there anybody who is using XINU as an embedded operating system
for real design?

XIINU is intended to be educational, I believe. And it
achieves that well. One can read how it is structured and
use the techniques almost right away to build something
simple -- that is, for those wanting core semanatics for
process/threads and not needing a lot else. Otherwise, I'd
recommend looking elsewhere. What it does a good job of
doing is teaching the basics of process semantics. And
frankly, the best I've seen at it for those without much
prior experience because it is kept very simple and easy to
follow. (It does a creditable job of exposing students to
some of the key concepts in networks, too. But not in a way
that would be drop-in-useful for a "real design," I suspect.)


Has anybody ported it to ARM7 or even Cortex-M3
I have found only this project
with MIPS port of XINU.

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