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hi.. i want to develop an embedded system using a micro controller and a
cmos sensor..

To do what?

What you are trying to achieve from the system, will determine if the fit
is right.

i have chosen atmega16 and c3088 sensor.. however I am


The application requirements determine what you will need, from
lenses to final output data (even if that is just turn a light on).

certain that memory constraints will be a problem for storing the images..i

Depends what you need to store.

am aware of avrcam and cmucam and realize that such a system is
possible..however i cannot find a way around the memory problem..can

First you will have to understand HOW they work.

someone please suggest some way to solve this problem...or kindly tell me
about the procedure that is generally followed or is advised in such a
situation...i am a beginner so please forgive my inexperience with such

You are putting the cart before the horse and picking your components
before working out what you need to do.

the micro controller and cmos sensor can be changed if needed..

thanks in advance..

Until you have worked out what you want to do, and the algorithms for
processing, you do not know what your memory or processing requirements

Then you know what your timing and processing requirements are.

Then you can define camera, memory, processor and what the output
will be (electrical, format or other).

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Which seems to be the source of many I want to use a camera, but have
not done any basic research posts.

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