Re: Efficient methods

On 2010-01-26, Paul E. Bennett <Paul_E.Bennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jim Stewart wrote:

The most efficient way to send data
is a 747 cargo plane full of DVD ROMS.

There was a story about a data file being sent by memory stick
(encrypted) attached to the leg of a carrier pigeon. The
entire file made it to the receivers end by this means before
30% of the same data file had been transmitted over the
internet connections. I gather that the file was some

It was done in South Africa as a stunt to publicize the slow
ADSL service provided by Telkom:

The pigeon transported 4GB of data 60 miles between two
datacenters in 1 hour 8 minutes. The transfer ADSL was 4%
complete 4% in the same amount of time.

Protocols requiring more interaction don't fare so well when
using a Pigeon as a physical layer:

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